Although Winkelshoek is famous for its easy drinking bag-in-a-box wine and fortified wines, it has grown to produce a wide variety of other wines. These include the Weskus range with its modern and easy-going packaging, (consisting of six varietals), our tribute range to the Schenkfontein farm (available in six varietals) and stronger liquors like our Royal Vodka (available in three sizes) and Pippa Granadilla Liquer.

These and more are available at our online store. Be sure to order a few!

3L Cabernet Sauvignon / Merlot
R 140.00
3L Natural Sweet Red Johannisberger
R 125.00
5L Classic Soft Red Wine
R 180.00
5L Natural Sweet Johannisberger Fruity Red Wine
R 180.00
Cap Vino Red - 6 Bottel case
R 520.00
Schenkfontein Merlot - 6 Bottel case
R 480.00
Schenkfontein Pinotage - 6 Bottel case
R 480.00
Schenkfontein Shiraz - 6 Bottel case
R 480.00
Weskus Pinotage - 6 Bottel case
R 410.00