Schenkfontein Dry Gin

Schenkfontein Dry Gin

R 400.00

Schenkfontein Dry Gin is the rare gin that is exciting, versatile behind the bar, and worth seeking out.

Fans of classic style gins will find quite a bit to like about Schenkfontein Dry Gin’s craft. It’s well made, with a unique balance, and a unique flavour profile that even half a decade later has rarely been equaled in the Gin Renaissance.

Product Specifications:

Type: Fynbos Gin, Size: 750ml, 50% Alcohol 

Serving Suggestion:

Schenkfontein Dry Gin is a versatile mixer. Bartenders can easily use this as a pour behind the bar and put in a number of cocktails. This is what will impressed you about this gin the first time you try it— and the second, and the third….