Schenkfontein Stofjas - 6 Bottel case

R 3,450.00

Stofjas ( Grenache Blanc/ Verdelho/ Sauvignon Blanc/ Marsanne/ Chenin Blanc)

'n Dekade lange droom is uiteindelik vasgevang in n bottel met n kurk, sodat ons dit kan oopmaak as ons verlang en met elke teug weer daardie droom kan ervaar.

Beautiful bright medium golden colour with upfront aromas of apricots, cling peaches, white nectarines, mandarins, old oak spice, vanilla, allspice, lilies, jasmine, hints of tonka beans, fennel and fynbos. The aromas are very evolving and every time you go back to the glass, you will experience something new with every sniff. 

 Aromas follow through on the nose with a medium body, integrated crisp acidity, and very well-balanced oak, fruit & floral perfume flavours, and the wine has a long mineral finish. 

It is a very well-made, intense and complex wine -  serious & sophisticated, that will be appreciated by any wine connoisseur (or saved for a special occasion) and a match made in heaven paired with food such as roasted chicken, grilled pork, mushroom risotto, semi-hard cheeses like Gruyère or Emmental, or less creamy cheeses like goat cheese or even mildly spicy Asian dishes, like Thai or Vietnamese cuisine, where the spices can play off the wine's oak-derived flavours.